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Ball Line: Premier Line™


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As a bowler, there are few feelings worse than watching your ball slide past the break point. When that happens, it not only leads to super washouts and designer splits, but it also leads to a total lack of confidence. After all, how can you be aggressive and make quality shots when you aren’t confident that your ball will slow down and read the lane properly? Storm is proud to bring you a bowling ball that chews through oil up front while still offering plenty of hook on the back end, giving you more entry angle and pin-punishing power than you’ve ever dreamed possible.

The development of the next installment of the Parallax franchise was always going to be a tricky balance – long-awaited fan fulfillment versus something genuinely fresh. The Zero Parallax is a masterstroke for the series so far.
The hybrid NRG cover is finished at an appealing 3000-grit surface out of the box, which is coarser than the original Parallax and gives it more entry angle. Harnessing the power of Nanotechnology, the NRG cover family is well-known for its ability to hook in seemingly impossible amounts of oil. Never missing the spot, it will fill you with the confidence you need to make the best shot you can.
The Aeroflo Core renders a higher innate radius of gyration than the typical Storm asymmetric design thanks to the ellipsed hole in the center of the design. When the thumb hole is placed in this enclosure of lightweight core material, the post drilled RG numbers aren’t affected as greatly as its other top-shelf asymmetric counterparts. Simply put: it maintains its dynamics through multiple drilling combinations. Being driller and user friendly is extremely important today with the elimination of balance holes in our sport. Drillers are no longer able to tweak a ball’s reaction characteristics after the fact. The Aeroflo Core easily accepts many different layout combinations to fit any style of bowler.


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Performance Line Premier Line ™