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6 200 Kč


Prime • 800 Series

Výrobce: 900 GLOBALKód produktu: GBBBMGZMDoprava a platba

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ZEN MASTER 13 LBS Skladem 6 200 Kč
ZEN MASTER 15 LBS Skladem 6 200 Kč

The most successful 800 Series bowling ball just got an upgrade! The Zen Master features the S77 Response Solid Cover which has been purposely engineered for medium-heavy oil. Combined with the massive Meditate Symmetric Core…the Zen Master will be the strongest symmetric option 900 Global currently offers.

Released: August 27th, 2021

Color: Magenta/Black/Green


As mentioned above, the Meditate Core will provide the engine for the Zen Master. Expect to see a ball that revs up quickly and keeps going throughout the lane. Since the Meditate Core is so large, pin up or pin down layouts will not alter the RG/Diff values very much at all post drilling. House conditions and sport patterns alike will be no match for the Zen Master.


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Performance Line Prime • 800 Series