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Prime • 800 Series

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ZEN 13 LBS Skladem 5 970 Kč
ZEN 15 LBS Skladem 5 970 Kč

PRIME 800 Series

The ALL NEW Zen™ utilizes a pearl version of the S77 Response™ cover combined with an ALL NEW symmetric core!!

The S77 Response™ Pearl Coverstock was the obvious choice to follow up on the success of the S77 Response™ Solid coverstock. The Pearl version of this cover will provide the most skid/flip reaction we have ever put in the 800 Series. The Zen™ will be a great ball to open up your angles with on medium-heavy patterns. 

The Meditate™ Core is the biggest core we have ever put into a bowling ball!! A bigger core means more hitting power combined with a more consistent reaction. Throughout testing the Meditate™ Core provided that wide “footprint on the lane that all bowlers love to see. The Zen™ pushes the limits of core dynamics.

Coverstock: S77 Response™ Pearl

Finish:  1500 Polished

Color: Magenta/Teal/Silver

Core: Meditate™ Symmetric

Flare Potential: 5+″

Available Weights: 12-16 lbs



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Performance Line Prime • 800 Series