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Thumb Components

Switch Grip® Interchangeable Inserts consist of ONLY TWO components, an Outer Sleeve that is permanently glued into your thumb hole, and an Inner Sleeve, which can be removed and used amongst all of your equipment. The Outer Sleeve will receive any of the following removable Inner Sleeve components:

  • Outers: Black, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red
  • Inner Blank: Black, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red
  • Inner 1 1/4 .” Urethane: Blac­k/Blk, Blk/Pink, Blk/Green, Blk/Red, Blk/Blue, Blk/Whi­te, Blk/Purple, Blk/Yellow, Blk/Orange
  • NEW Inner 1 1/4.” Urethane: Red/Blk, Blue/Blk, Yellow/Blk, Green/Blk, Orange/Blk
  • Inner 1 3/8” Urethane: Blac­k/Black

There are two locking tabs at the bottom of each Inner Sleeve, one tab is slightly larger/wider than the other to ensure the Sleeve can only be inserted one way into Outer Sleeve.  This prevents the Sleeve from being put in backwards or upside down.

The locking tabs are designed to withstand up to 180# psi. While they are certainly built to perform, like most consumable and movable products, the Inner and Outer Sleeve locking mechanisms will wear over time. There are many variables that influence how the product will wear including grip pressure, # of games bowled, # of times insert is being removed/inter­changed, proper use and storage, drilling etc. Please be sure to visit your retail professional for a fit inspection periodically to ensure best results and performance.

Pre-Installed Vinyl Inner Sleeve. Available to retailers offering Try Before You Buy ball demo services.

Switch Grip Installation Guide - Turbo Grips