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Ball Line: Signature Line™


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You may already be familiar with some of our previous collaborations with Jason Belmonte. From the PRO-Motion™ came the reputable Piston Core, a fantastically balanced shape that works for almost everyone and with any layout you can imagine. And to expand upon the ball motion already created by this phenomenal core shape, we explored a wide variety of coverstock options to create the most powerful ball ever in the Signature™ Line.To showcase the backend potential, we selected several variations of the Reactor™ family of coverstocks as they are the most responsive in the industry. As we worked through testing, it was clear that R2S was the best option for this one! “You want better carry? Then you need angle into the pocket. The Trend is what you have been waiting for,“ said Jason Belmonte. And no matter what your rev rate or how many hands you use to bowl, the Trend will give you a quicker response, more defined breakpoint, just what you need for better carry.

Available: August 7, 2020

Color: Aqua/Sapphire/Teal
Fragrance: Blueberry


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Performance Line Signature Line ™