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Preferred • 600 Series

Kód produktu: GBBBMGSODoprava a platba


Release Date: July 1, 2016

The Special Ops follows up the massive success of the Black Ops with a modified core and a hybrid coverstock.  The Special Ops will be cleaner through the heads than the Black Ops while maintaining the great backend that the Black Ops is known for.

The 900 Global Special Ops is the follow-up to the highly successful Black Ops. This new release uses the same Break Asymmetric core shape from the Black Ops, but with a higher RG and lower differentials, likely due to modifications to the core material and filler material densities. This core is paired with a new hybrid version of the S70 coverstock that comes out of the box with a 1500 grit polished finish. Even though the Black Ops already had tons of length, the Special Ops has even more.



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Performance Line Preferred • 600 Series