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Ball Line: Premier Line™


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Storm is proud to showcase several of the most dynamic asymmetrical core designs on the market such as the Catalyst Core, the same core used throughout the Crux™ series, one of the most trusted series among competitive players worldwide.GI-20 is named for Game Improvement – 2020 and was developed to help maximize performance in today’s complex bowling environment. Expand your arsenal and your mind; the possibilities are endless with Storm!

Available: February 21, 2020
Color: White/Copper/Graphite
Fragrance: Cinnamon

The finely engineered Catalyst Core

In the heart of the ball lies the innovative Catalyst Core. The genius the design is in the cavity which lets the driller remove less mass with most layouts. No more second guesses or shots in the dark. The ease of drilling is self-evident in this design.


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Performance Line Premier Line ™