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NUCLEAR CELL 14 LBS Skladem 4 300 Kč
NUCLEAR CELL 15 LBS Skladem 4 300 Kč



Inside you will find the forever famous Nucleus™ Core. By far the most versatile asymmetrical core design ever created.
No matter how it is drilled, or how you toss it down the lane, this core always gets into motion and stays in motion.

Nucleus™ Core


The R&D Team has been at hard at work mixing and formulating coverstock materials. Our newest version of eTrax™ Pearl contains a new chemical additive as well as ratio changes in order to produce better traction in the midlane and create more responsiveness to friction down lane.

Factory Finish: 1500-grit Polished
Flare Potential: Hight
Coverstock: eTrax-P20™ Pearl Reactive
Color: Purple Haze / Burnt Orange / Red Hot
Hardness: 73-75 on D-Scale


There is no doubt the Nuclear Cell will quickly become a fan favorite and claim its place in everyone's arsenal. If you want long and strong, leave it out of box. If you want it a little sooner and smoother, scuff the cover a little. Hands down, this will be one of the most versatile balls in your arsenal.

Lane Condition -Medium to Medium/Heavy


The ball path represents Roto Grip’s bowling ball tester. Ask your pro shop professional how this ball will work for you


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