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Velkoobchodní zboží

Jednorázové návleky, které nahrazují erární boty

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Jednorázové návleky, které nahrazují erární boty.

Návleky se nasazují na běžnou obuv, ve které zákazník přijde na hernu.

Bowling Buddies Shoe Covers are disposable covers for shoes designed to enhance the customer’s bowling experience.

Bowling Buddies Shoe Covers are fully functional, disposable shoe covers that are designed for a single session of bowling and are intended as an alternative to the traditional rental shoe. They are also specifically designed to enhance the customer’s bowling experience by giving them the comfort of bowling in their own shoes as well as providing exceptional front slide and rear friction for a perfect game.

Perfect for everyday use as well as for large parties & events, each pair is individually wrapped and available in four sizes for all your customers.

Parties & Events

Parties and Events are a great source of revenue for your center. However, the prep work can be a hassle. Utilizing Bowling Buddies Shoe Covers can lessen the headaches by:

  • Eliminating the need to pull out half your rental inventory just to fit a handful of kids.
  • Reducing overtime pay associated with spraying and re-stocking the shoes.
  • Allowing your employees to focus more time on the customer’s needs.


Our recent study (survey) showed that 70% of bowlers said they would bowl more often if they could bowl in their own shoes and would even pay one dollar above the normal rental fee. The same survey also revealed that mothers would prefer their children wear Bowling Buddies Shoe Covers as opposed to rental bowling shoes.

Below are a few of the comments from this study:

  • “Long overdue. Would pick them every time.”
  • “I loved how I did not have to waste time putting another shoe on and giving up my shoes. I also liked the comfort and easy fit.”
  • “I like that it is more sanitary and disposable.”
  • “I liked it. It honestly feels nice to bowl in tennis shoes, sandals, etc. Great idea!”
  • "I like the fact I could wear my flip-flops.”