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Upper Mid Performance


Kód produktu: TMKINRUBDoprava a platba

QR-6 Solid-  The QR-6 Solid coverstock is a modifi ed version of  the QR-5 solid coverstock that was previously seen on the Heat X-treme. This modifi cati on allows for a faster response in oil and gives bowlers the bite in the mid-lane they’re looking for.

Modifi ed Kinetic – The Modifi ed Kineti c core is back by popular demand. This low RG, medium diff erenti al and low MB core stores energy longer and uses it quicker than Track’s other mid performance cores.
You wont fi nd an asymmetric core for this price anywhere! 

Track Kineti c Ruby - Track bowling’s Kineti c Emerald off ered heavy mid -lane roll with great backend and conti nuati on on medium oil conditi ons. The new Kinetic Ruby off ers that same great moti on, but for heavier volumes of oil and longer oil
patt erns.

BALL NAME : Kineti c Ruby
Part Number : TMKINRUBxx
WWID : 29 June 2017
WWRD : 11 July 2017
WEIGHTS : 12-16 lb.
CORE : Modifi ed Kinetic
COLOR : Ruby
FINISH : 500 / 2000 Abralon TM
LANE CONDITION : Medium to Heavy Oil
REACTION SHAPE : Strong Midlane w/Conti nuous Backend
INTER. DIFF : 0.005
RG  Diff. 
16lb  2.51  0.036
15lb  2.49  0.038
14lb  2.48  0.041
13lb  2.53  0.055
12lb  2.60  0.039 


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Performance Line Upper Mid Performance