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Původní cena 5 700 Kč. Ušetříte 34% (1 910 Kč) 3 790 Kč


Ball Line: Master Line™


Kód produktu: BBMVINDoprava a platba


In physics, tensors are important because they provide a concise mathematical framework for formulating and solving physics problems in areas such as mechanical design. The product resembles a stronger, more powerful symmetric core model that blends the line between top-drawer asymmetric and the more traditional symmetric approach thanks to a modest touch of asymmetry between the Y and Z axes.

Fragrance: Cherry Vanilla

Available: February 19, 2021

Color: Goldenrod/Graphite/Crimson

A Complete Game Changer

R4S has come from several generations of Reactor coverstock material. With an increased porosity that is higher than its ancestor, you can feel confident that it will grab when it sees friction at the end of the pattern. It has the highest reactivity of any Reactor series cover and bridges the gap between mid-range Thunder Line and high-end Premier Line balls.

A Complete Game Changer


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Performance Line Master Line ™