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HP-3 Line


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IDOL COSMOS 12 LBS Skladem 4 290 Kč
IDOL COSMOS 13 LBS Skladem 4 290 Kč
IDOL COSMOS 14 LBS Skladem 4 290 Kč
IDOL COSMOS 15 LBS Skladem 4 290 Kč



Due to the success and overwhelming popularity of the IDOL™ Helios, we felt it was an absolute must to create a pearlized version using the exact same XtremeTrax™ coverstock technology.

On the inside you will find the same low RG symmetric Ikon™ Core, while on the outside you will find our newest never before used pearlized coverstock technology known as XtremeTrax™ Pearl Reactive. And just like the original solid version, this version contains chemically charged nano- particles thanks to our out of this world coverstock chemistry.

What does this mean?... It means the XtremeTrax Pearl Reactive coverstock will provide more traction in oil than our eTrax™ PLUS Pearl or eTrax™ Pearl reactive covers, while still providing plenty of responsiveness to friction down lane. Making the IDOL Cosmos the perfect compliment to the IDOL Helios and the rest of the Roto Grip line of bowling balls.


Originally introduced in the IDOL™ back in March of 2018, the Ikon Core has become a fan favorite and staple in the arsenals of all the top professionals around the globe. This low RG, high differential symmetrical core revs up in the midlane while providing outstanding continuation down lane which allows it to be used by all styles of players from any angle on the lane.


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Performance Line HP-3 Line