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4 700 Kč


Ball Line: Hot Line™


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ELECTRIFY SOLID 13 LBS Skladem 4 700 Kč
ELECTRIFY SOLID 14 LBS Skladem 4 700 Kč
ELECTRIFY SOLID 15 LBS Skladem 4 700 Kč

The Electrify has paved its way into the hearts and bags of many so far, offering a value on the dollar whose performance is unmatched in it’s class. Delivering one more addition to the board, the Electrify Solid offers yet another standout reaction that’s dressed to impress. Because, after all, versatility and adapting go hand in hand.

  • Available: October 29th, 2021
  • Fragrance: Frosted Cake
  • Color: 3-Tone Red

Something new. Something different.

The Circuit Core is the ultimate baseline weapon featuring a lowered RG and midrange differential for laserlike precision. This will undeniably become the perfect all-around core design for all player types.

The Reactor coverstock is the benchmark in design

In use for over a decade, the Reactor coverstock is still going strong. When something has been this successful there is no reason to get rid of it. Reactor material is moderately aggressive, but still offers a fair amount of control without over-reacting on the backend.

Thermal representation of the moderately aggressive traction touchpoints of the Reactor Coverstock.


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Performance Line Hot Line ™