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Ball Line: Premier Line™


Kód produktu: BBMTIMDoprava a platba


The design almost every Storm PBA tour player was demanding to be brought back. With the Catalyst Core, you, too, will bear witness to unprecedented power, increased entry angle, and a greater margin for error with its dynamic asymmetrical design and vertical cavity technology. The benefits of SPEC Solid Reactive can be truly appreciated on heavier conditions, especially when they begin to transition. When this coverstock encounters midlane friction, it digs in harder, unlike anything Storm has produced to date.

Color: Red/White/Purple
Fragrance: Pomegranate Cider


 The finely engineered Catalyst Core

 In the heart of the ball lies the innovative Catalyst Core. The genius the design is in the cavity which lets the driller remove less mass with most layouts. No more second guesses or shots in the dark. The ease of drilling is self-evident in this design.


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Performance Line Premier Line ™