Prevent Pins from Sliding

Spot On creates a film to prevent pins from sliding which helps improve pin carry and eliminates off-spot pins and out-of-ranges. Cleans easily and doesn’t attract dirt to your pin deck! Use manually with your favorite spraying device!

  • Eliminate Off-Spot Pins and Out-of-Ranges

  • For All Types of Pin Decks


One Container: 1 gallon (3.79 liters)

Packaging: One container per case

Part Number: 156-8311


How do you apply Spot On Pin Deck Spray?

Spot On was designed to be applied by the 2016 FLEX lane machines, but can also be applied by hand. With machine application, you can expect the lane machine to apply 4-5 ml of Spot On to the back two rows of the pin deck. For more information, please see your lane machine manual.

To apply Spot On by hand: Only a light mist of Spot On is needed on the back two rows of the pin deck. If using a new can, you will need to apply the small actuator to the valve stem in order to spray the product. Hold the can between the 1 pin spot and the 2-3 pin spots and point it towards the 7 pin spot. Quickly spray on a light mist going one time from the 7 to the 10 pin spots (the mist should cover the back two rows). Replace the cap after use. Allow 10 minutes for Spot On to dry before using lane or setting pins.

How do I know when Spot On is dry?

When applied, Spot On will be a milky-white color. It becomes clear when it is ready for use. The dry time will vary slightly depending on how much is applied. Typical dry time is 10 minutes when 4-5 ml of Spot On is applied. If more than 5 ml is applied, it can take up to 15 minutes for the product to dry.

How many lanes can I get out of one can?

95-105 lanes, depending on how heavily it is applied.

How often do I need to apply Spot On to my pin decks?

1–2 times a week, or as needed.

Is Spot On harmful to my pin deck or pinsetters?

Spot On is water soluble product, and when applied properly will not create any problems with the pinsetter or pin deck.

How do I dispose the Spot On can once it is empty?

Spot On is packaged using a bag-on-valve aerosol can; this means there is no propellant in the can, and it can be recycled. The bag-on-valve packaging allows Spot On to be sprayed holding the can at any angle, even upside down.

How do I remove Spot On?

Since Spot On is water soluble it can be removed by hand with a weak dilution of cleaner and a towel.


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