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Bowlingové vložky do prstových otvorů


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Classic Pro (QCP)Stiff Flex Texture Durometer 50 Shore AClassic (QC)Side 1: Milled Oval with Smooth Surface onlySide 2: Power Lift 1/4”Classicturbogrips.com2Our 4-N-1™ and 2-N-1™ inserts are offered in several different style combinations and textures. Patented features like the glue channel on the outside surface of each insert aids in cleaner installation and preventing glue from seeping to surface of the bowling ball. Helpful size indicatorscan be found on the outside and inside of each insert. All inserts have a 40 Shore A durometer hardness unless otherwise indicated.

QUAD® (Q) – Available in: 19 sizes, 7 colorsStandard 31/32” diameter for sizes 19/31 – 13/16,
1 1/32” diameter for sizes 53/64 – 29/32.

Ms. QUAD® (MQ) – 7/8″ diameter, Available in 15 sizes, *5 colors.

Side 1:
Perfect Oval – Milled Oval with Smooth or Mesh Surface – designed as a true, milled oval shape. This oval shape is flat through the center and is the most like the shape of your fingertip giving you a very natural and relaxed fit. Use mesh textured surface for a tackier feel.

Side 2:
Power Oval – has 1/8″ forward pitch for more subtle increase in loft. The finger pad has a contoured shape and smooth surface. Ideal for most bowlers.