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Bowlingové tejpy na prsty 1" na roli Více

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Bowlingové tejpy na prsty 1" na roli 

Put some Drive in your Game with our new Signature Driven to Bowl skin protection and fitting tape (SPF). Our new Driven to Bowl design offers the same great benefits as our other popular cotton fitting tapes. The texture is equivalent to our F125 (Purple) Fitting Tape
Tape Products for Bowlers
Unlike traditional bowling tapes inserted into a bowling ball, Turbo Skin Protection and Fitting Tapes are worn on the hand, fingers or thumb and can be applied in a variety of ways to modify release, ease grip tension and adjust hole size without major changes to ball drilling. Made of various fabrics, such as cotton, polyester and nylon, each style of tape offers something unique to the fit and feel of your release. But the ultimate benefit of using Turbo Skin Protection Tapes is protection. Turbo Skin Protection and Fitting Tapes will help reduce or eliminate discomforts caused by dry skin, cuts, calluses and blisters.


Velikost v palcích 1“